RL-STEP-02, 16 Steps LED Stair Strip Lighting Controller with Dual PIR Motion Sensor

SKU: 666561433314



Model RL-STEP-02
Voltage 12V-24V DC
Wattage Each Step<15W - Total<240W
Connection Mode RF remote
Material Plastic
Color White
Applicable Lights For single color strip
Function Adjust Mode
Delay Time
Package Contents 1 - 16 Steps Stair light controller
1 - Remote Control
Wire Length  1 x 500cm (16.4ft) (Connector)
2 x 100cm (3.2ft) (Sensors Wire)
Dimensions 150 x 82 x 22mm (4.9 x 2.6 x 0.7in)
Remote Control Dimensions 131.25 x 46 x 13mm (5.1 x 1.8 x 0.5in)
PIR Sensor Dimensions Outer Trim - Ø16mm (0.6in)
Cut size - Ø14mm (0.5in)
Depth - 12mm (0.47in)



  • Voltage Compatibility: Works with 12V-24V DC, suitable for various LED strip lighting setups.
  • Energy Efficiency: Each step consumes less than 15W, with a total capacity of up to 240W, saving energy.
  • RF Remote Control: Utilizes RF remote technology for easy customization of lighting preferences.
  • Durable Build: Made from sturdy plastic for long-lasting performance in various environments.
  • Adjustable Settings: Offers adjustable brightness, delay time, and speed for creating the ideal lighting atmosphere.
  • Dual PIR Motion Sensors: Automatically activates LED strips when motion is detected, enhancing safety and energy efficiency.
  • Compact Design: Measuring 150 x 82 x 22mm, it seamlessly integrates into staircases for unobtrusive lighting control.

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