SP901E LED Pixel SPI Signal Amplifier Repeater Addressable LED Strip and Dream Color Programmable LED Matrix Panel, 5V~24V

SKU: 666561433345



Model SP901E
Voltage 5V~24V DC
Working current 3mA-6mA
Working temperature -20 -60℃
Output 8 channels / 4 channels
Compatible IC type WS2812B,WS2811,SK6812, SK6812-RGBW,SM16703, WS2813, WS2815, CS8812, AL2815, WS2801, APA102, SK9822,UCS1903, LPD6803, LPD8806, APA102
Static power consumption <1W
Dimensions 139 x 53 x 28mm (5.4 x 2.1 x 1.1in)


  • Multi-Channel Output: Generates 4 or 8 channels of signals from a single input, offering precise control for LED pixels.
  • Versatile LED Strip Support: Compatible with a wide range of LED strips, including single-data-wire types like WS2812B, WS2811, SK6812RGB, SK6812-RGBW, SM16703, and those with data and clock wires such as WS2801, APA102, SK9822, and dual data wires like WS2813 and WS2815.
  • Simplified Setup: Allows control of multiple LED strip types with a single controller, streamlining your setup.
  • Broad Voltage Range: Operates across a wide voltage range from DC5V to DC24V, but it does not regulate the output voltage.
  • Expandable and Synchronous: Multiple units can be cascaded together for synchronous operation, making it ideal for small and medium dream color lighting projects.
  • Enhanced Control: Augments LED lighting control capabilities, extending your lighting setup and supporting diverse LED strip types.

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