T-51 MR16 Light Fixture (White), 4 inch Adjustable Wall Wash Reflector Trim

SKU: 666561407636



Model  T-51
Outer Ring Color Milky White
Trim Material Aluminum
Trim Type Wall Wash Reflector Trim
Trim Shape Round
Package Content Recessed wall wash Trim with insulation contact and MR16 Base.
Pivot Trim No
Mounting Plate (Sold Separately) MP-UNV-346     SKU: 666561433796
MP4   SKU: 666561433789
Outer Diameter 105mm (4.1 inches)
Cut Size 100mm (4 inches)
Depth 97mm (3.8 inches)


  • The trim has a half shield that partially covers the opening.
  • The shield/ cover helps to focus the light evenly on a certain item or feature in your home.
  • Wall Wash Trims have an eyelid that eliminates the “scallop” design typically created when a light is aimed directly at a wall.
  • It can be directly recessed in a cut hole or for your 4-inch recessed housing.
  • This trim comes with a cable. It easily attaches to any MR16 bulb.
  • Wall wash trims offer directional light and are great for adding emphasis or highlighting a task. For example, they are perfect for accent lighting to highlight a painting.
  • Contact us for more assistance and to know more about bulk orders.
Note: MR16 Bulb is not included, needs to buy separately.

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