5.1 inch Round Disc LED Module TR13020-2S-T, 120V 20W 5CCT(2.7K, 3K, 3.5K, 4K, 5K)

SKU: 666561433512



Model No TR13020-2S-T
No of LEDs 56
Wattage 20W 
Voltage 120V AC
Luminous Flux 1800 lumens
Color Temperature Selectable 5CCT
2700K (Soft White)
3000K (Warm White)
3500K (Mid-Warm White)
4000K (Natural White)
5000K (Daylight)
Rendering Index CRI>90
Power Source AC
Dimmable Yes
Base Material Aluminum (Metallic Base)
Package Components  LED Module
Thermal Silicon Pad
10 inch Black and White power feed
Outer Diameter
∅130mm (5.1 in) 
Distance between Screw holes ∅89 mm (3.5 in)
∅68.6 mm (2.7 in)
Height 16.5mm (0.65 in)


  • 56 high-quality LEDs that produce 1800 lumens of warm white light with a 5CCT(2.7K, 3K, 3.5K, 4K, 5K)
  • Power consumption of 20W and high energy efficiency that saves on energy costs
  • Operates on a voltage of 120V AC and is dimmable for greater flexibility in lighting control
  • Includes a thermal silicon pad and a 10-inch black and white power feed for added convenience
  • etl certified, ensuring that it meets high safety and quality standards
  • High rendering index of CRI>90, making colors appear more vibrant and true-to-life
  • Ideal for a wide range of general lighting applications due to its superior quality, energy efficiency, and flexibility
  • It is a good DIY product for the replacement of a ceiling light/ Bulb source.
  • Apply Thermal Silicon Pad evenly on the bottom of the light source and the contact surface of the heat sink when installation.

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