Track L shape Joiner Black H-Type VBD-0335-LJB

SKU: 666561434434



Model  VBD-0335-LJB
Input Voltage
120V AC
Style H-Type
Color Black
Dimensions 70 x 36 x 17mm (2.7 x 1.4 x 0.6in)
LED Track Mounting (Sold Separately) White LED Track Channel SKU: 666561434366
Black LED Track Channel SKU: 666561434373



  • The VBD-0335-LJB L-shaped track joiner is designed to connect two track sections at a 90-degree angle, forming an L-shaped configuration.
  • These joiners securely link the ends of track sections while maintaining a right angle between them.
  • They provide a stable and reliable connection, ensuring continuous electrical conductivity and light transmission along the track system.
  • Users can create corners or turns in the track layout, allowing for customization of track lighting installations to fit specific space layouts and designs.

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