Track Live End White H-Type VBD-0331-LEW

SKU: 666561434380



Model  VBD-0331-LEW
Input Voltage
120V AC
Style H-Type
Color White
Dimensions 69 x 35.6 x 17.8mm (2.7 x 1.4 x 0.7in)
LED Track Mounting (Sold Separately) White LED Track Channel SKU: 666561434366
Black LED Track Channel SKU: 666561434373



  • The VBD-0331-LEW live end track joiner connects the track system to the electrical power source, serving as the starting point for the setup.
  • It facilitates the connection of the power feed, allowing electricity to flow into the track and power the LED light fixtures.
  • This joiner ensures a secure connection between the track system and the electrical wiring for reliable performance.
  • Equipped with terminals or connectors, it enables the attachment of electrical wires for a dependable electrical connection.
  • The connection provided by the live end track joiner enables LED track lights to receive power and effectively illuminate the space.

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