Track Monopoint Canopy Black H-Type VBD-0343-MCB

SKU: 666561434533



Model  VBD-0343-MCB
Input Voltage
120V AC
Style H-Type
Color Black
Wire 20cm (7.8in), 18AWG
Dimensions 117 x 117 x 11mm (4.6 x 4.6 x 0.4in)
LED Track Mounting (Sold Separately) White LED Track Channel SKU: 666561434366
Black LED Track Channel SKU: 666561434373



  • The VBD-0343-MCB track monopoint canopy is designed for mounting a single track head or spotlight, providing a stable connection point.
  • It attaches directly to a junction box or electrical outlet box on the ceiling, ensuring secure installation.
  • Installation is straightforward; simply mount the canopy to the ceiling surface using screws or mounting hardware.
  • The canopy features a single opening or receptacle for easy attachment and adjustment of the track head.
  • Ideal for situations requiring only one track head, such as highlighting specific areas or focal points in a room.

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