Type 2, Linear Architectural LED Aluminum channel for 6mm Glass Edge Lighting VBD-CH-E1, 2Meters (78inches)

SKU: 666561423483


• Available in Custom Color


Model Type 2 (VBD-CH-E1)
Material Aluminum
Fixture color Finish Silver Grey
Package content

2 meter Aluminum channel
1 pair of Endcaps (with and without holes)

Dimensions 2000mm x 22.9mm x 34.3mm
(78in x 0.9in x 1.35in)
  • Suspended Mount using an aircraft cable 
Extra Accessories (sold separately) 1 pair Endcaps VBD-ENCH-E1 SKU:666561426644
1 pair Suspension Kit VBD-AIRC-10F-ERWS SKU: 666561417468



  • Comes in 6.5 feet/ 78.7 inches which can be cut into any custom size.
  • The Product can be easily cut into custom sizes using a regular hack saw
  • We can also cut the channels and stick strip lights and pass along the right transformer for your project.
  • The product can not be extended more than the given length.
  • Used for edge lighting of Glass and Acrylic panels with thickness 6mm and less.
  • Moreover, the length of the glass/ acrylic panel cannot exceed the length of the Aluminum profile.
  • Includes end caps, that can be easily mounted at the end of the project.
  • The light can be illuminated even from the frosted glass edges.
  • The Aluminum channel is designed in such a way that it holds the glass and prevents the LEDs from being crushed at the same time.
  • Can be mounted using brackets, or can also be hanged using aircraft cables.
  • Comes with end caps with and without wire holes.
  • Acts as a heat sink for the LED Strip installed in it, increasing the lifetime of  the LEDs
  • Ideal for signs, inscriptions, loop lamination.
  • Can also be used as edge backlighting on glass walls such as in the kitchen, living rooms, galleries, etc.
  • Strip light width 12 mm and less should be used.
  • For any queries, contact us and we can guide you for any of our products.

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