Type 33, Linear Architectural Light Fixture Profile VBD-CH-S7, 3Meters (118inches)

SKU: 666561423322



Model Type 33 (VBD-CH-S7)
Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Package content

3 meter Linear LED channel
1 pair of Endcaps (with and without holes)

Dimensions 3000mm x 55.38mm x 7.96mm
(118in x 2.18in x 0.31in)
  • Mount using a 3M Double-sided tape
Accessories (sold separately) 4 pairs Endcaps VBD-ENCH-S7 SKU:666561426965



  • It comes in 9.8 feet/ 118 inches which can be cut into any custom size. We can also cut the channels and stick strip lights and pass along the right transformer.
  • Available in both 2 Meters and 3 Meters.
  • Several lengths can be positioned together.
  • The product includes endcaps. They can be easily mounted at the end of the project.
  • Led strip channel for accent lighting strips (width less than 10 mm)
  • The Product can be cut into custom sizes using a regular hacksaw
  • The diffuser helps in reducing light glare.
  • The diffuser gives protection from dust and avoids any kind of damage to the LEDs.
  • Lightweight and environment-friendly channel.
  • For any queries, contact us and we can guide you for any of our products.

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