OTM-TD253100-350-20 Constant Current Triac Dimming LED Driver, 350mA 35-56V 20W Dimmable

SKU: 666561426460



Model OTM-TD253100-350-20
Input Voltage 90-130V AC
Input Current 0.9A
Input Frequency 50-60Hz
Power Factor PF>0.95
Efficiency >85%
Output Regulated Current 350mA
Output Power 20W
Output Voltage 35-56V DC
Dimmable Yes (Triac Dimming)
Ambient Temperature (Ta) 40°C
Case Temperature (Tc) 90°C
IP Rating IP20 (Dry and Damp Locations)
Dimensions 88mm x 38mm x 20.75mm
(3.45in x 1.5in x 0.8in)
Class Certification Class 2



  • Regulated current: The OTM-TD253100-350-20 Constant Current LED Driver provides a regulated current of 350mA, ensuring a stable and consistent power supply to the connected LED lighting applications.
  • Output power: The driver has an output power of 20W, delivering sufficient power to drive the LED lights effectively.
  • Input voltage range: It accepts an input voltage range of 90-130V AC, accommodating different electrical systems and environments.
  • Power factor and efficiency: The driver has a power factor greater than 0.95 and an efficiency above 85%, ensuring high energy efficiency and reducing power losses.
  • Output voltage range: The driver provides an output voltage range of 35-56V DC, making it compatible with a wide range of LED lighting applications.
  • Dimmable: The driver is dimmable, allowing for flexible control of the brightness of the connected LED lights, providing versatility in lighting design and ambiance. It supports triac dimming, ensuring smooth and reliable dimming control.
  • Temperature ratings: The driver has an ambient temperature rating of 40°C and a case temperature rating of 90°C, enabling reliable operation in various temperature conditions.
  • IP20 rating: The driver is designed for indoor use and has an IP20 rating, providing protection against solid objects larger than 12.5mm and ensuring safe operation in dry and damp locations.
  • Compact size: With dimensions of 88mm x 38mm x 20.75mm (3.45in x 1.5in x 0.8in), the driver has a small and compact size, facilitating easy installation in a variety of lighting fixtures.
  • Class 2 certification: The driver is certified as Class 2, ensuring compliance with safety standards and limited power output, making it safe to use in various applications.


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