Super Slim VBD-012-060VTSP Constant Voltage Dimmable LED Driver, 12V 5A 60W

SKU: 666561419752



Model VBD-012-060VTSP
Input Voltage 100-277V AC
Input Current 0.9A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Factor 0.95
Output Voltage 12V DC
Output regulated Current 5.0A
Output Power 60W
Dimmable Yes  (Triac/Phase-cut Dimming)
Waterproof No
IP Rating IP20
Class Certification Class 2/ Class P/ Type HL/Class II
Dimensions 300 x  30.88 x 18.58mm (11.81 x 1.21 x 0.73 in)
 Suitable for DRY and DAMP Locations
Compatible with Forward-Phase, MLV, ELV, & Triac dimmers



  • The Super Slim VBD-012-060VTSP is a constant voltage dimmable LED driver designed for 12V LED lighting systems.
  • It operates with an input voltage range of 100-277V AC, providing compatibility with a wide range of electrical systems.
  • The driver has an input current of 0.9A and a frequency of 50/60Hz, ensuring stable and consistent power supply to the connected LEDs.
  • With a high power factor of 0.95, this driver ensures efficient power utilization and reduces energy wastage.
  • It delivers an output voltage of 12V DC and a regulated current of 5.0A, providing a total output power of 60W, suitable for driving various LED fixtures.
  • The driver features dimmable capabilities, supporting Triac/Phase-cut dimming methods. This allows for adjustable lighting levels and the creation of desired lighting atmospheres.
  • It does not have waterproof capabilities and carries an IP20 rating, indicating protection against solid objects larger than 12.5mm in diameter but no protection against water.
  • The driver holds Class 2/Class P/Type HL/Class II certifications, ensuring compliance with safety standards for low-voltage power sources.
  • In terms of dimensions, the driver measures 300 x 30.88 x 18.58mm (11.81 x 1.21 x 0.73 inches), offering a super slim and compact design for easy integration into lighting systems.
  • The Super Slim VBD-012-060VTSP LED driver is certified for its quality and safety.
  • It is suitable for both dry and damp locations, providing versatility for installation in various indoor environments.
  • The driver is compatible with Forward-Phase, MLV (Magnetic Low Voltage), ELV (Electronic Low Voltage), and Triac dimmers, allowing for compatibility with a wide range of dimming systems. 

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