VBD-024-080VTD2JV2 Triac/0-10V Dimmable LED Driver, 24V 80W 100-277V AC

SKU: 666561419240



Model  VBD-024-080VTD2JV2
Input Voltage 100-277V AC
Input Current 1.15A
Efficiency 50/60Hz
Power Factor 0.95
Output Voltage 24V DC
Output regulated Current 3.33A
Output Power 80W max
Dimmable Yes (5 in 1 dimming)
Class Certification Class 2/ Class P/ Type HL/ SELV
IP Rating IP67 (outdoor Rated)
Dimensions (Without Box) 203 x 69.5 x 42mm (8 x 2.75 x 1.65 in)
Dimensions (Box) 361.95 x 77.78 x 56mm (14.25 x 3.06 x 2.2 in)
Compatible with Forward-Phase, 0-10V, Magnetic low Voltage, ELV & Triac dimmers
Suitable for Dry, Damp, and Wet locations.



  • The LED driver operates on a wide input voltage range of 100-277V AC, making it suitable for various applications.
  • It offers Triac/0-10V dimming capabilities, allowing for flexible control using 5 different dimming methods.
  • With a power factor of 0.95, the driver ensures efficient power conversion and operates optimally at 50/60Hz frequency.
  • The output voltage is regulated at 24V DC, delivering a maximum output current of 3.33A to power LED lighting systems effectively.
  • It holds multiple certifications, including Class 2, Class P, Type HL, and SELV, ensuring compliance with safety standards for electrical insulation, fire safety, and hazardous locations.
  • The IP67 rating indicates that the LED driver is dust-tight and protected against immersion in water, making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • It has obtained certifications from FCC and UL, assuring compliance with safety and performance standards.
  • The compact dimensions of 203 x 69.5 x 42mm (8 x 2.75 x 1.65 in) without the box and 361.95 x 77.78 x 56mm (14.25 x 3.06 x 2.2 in) with the box enable easy integration and installation in various lighting applications.

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